Industrial Internet of Things

Improved industry workflows

Internet of Things installations can be used to enhance productivity in industry workflows. Without interfering with production, IoT sensors can be utilized to monitor critical points that often cause failures. Monitoring such points can help in understanding a problem, feeding Machine Learning algorithms and producing models that predict and prevent such failures.

Besides industry, several other sectors such as agriculture and health could leverage IoT cutting edge technology to enhance productivity and bring “smartness” in their business.

Improved Industry Workflows

Live monitoring platform

All aspects of your production lines can be measured, categorized and presented to you in real-time via our monitoring platform, which can be accessed from your computer or smartphone.

Each sensor is presented in specialized and customizable plots, bringing the right data to your fingertips. Historical data is also accessible so that production output can be correlated with certain factory conditions.

Live monitoring platform

Prediction Analytics

The power of data can be unleashed by the proper tools and techniques. By gathering and analyzing data directly from your production lines, we are able to provide insightful reports and minimize human error.

Our industry-specialized team understands each distinct process and provides accurate and specialized solutions. Beyond providing data plots, we offer tools that extract real knowledge from your data by utilizing state of the art AI technologies. Real-time anomaly detection prevents production line failures by allowing our system to notify you days prior to unforeseen machine failure events.

prediction analytics


From small size installations to big industrial customers we can cover your requirements and needs.


24/7 live notifications whenever a process goes out of control or at custom thresholds.


Our specialized team is available to answer questions and solve problems on demand.